Dancing to the Rhythm of Refinement
It Takes A Village (like Tubac)
Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation: Sharing a Heartfelt Conversation
Honor, A Forgotten Concept In America
It’s Easy To Get Off Track In Your Spiritual Discovery
Reading and Seeing with Spiritual Eyes  —  Discerning People Who Try To Become Famous On The Coattails of Famous People
One Nation Under Who?
There Is Only One Side
The Big Squeeze Is On, Between Right And Wrong, Between Good And Bad. You Can Hop A Ride On Planet X (Also Called The Adjudicator) Or You Can Hop A Ride On The New Jerusalem. It’s Your Choice. They’re Both Coming To A Local Pickup Location Near You.
Coming Of Age And Spiritual Renewal: Avoiding The Pitfalls Of Apathy In A World Of Great Disparity
What’s Going On? Is There A Real Answer?
Renderings of Realizations
Covid-19, From a Spiritual Perspective. How To Keep From Getting It.
Who's The Real Parasite
Reflections on the Superbowl Halftime Show
A Week of Sustainable Living
Wake Up America
The Times They Are A Changing
How Do You Use Media?
Why We Are Not A Cult
The Simple Truth In Relation To Conspiracy Theories And The Anunnaki
A Message For Our Planet
2018 Academy Awards Viewpoint
Slander and Free Speech—What Did Our Founding Fathers Really Mean When They Wrote In The Amendment Of Free Speech?
The Oscars and the Hollywood Delusion.  A New Hope for the Future.
The Office of The President and Free Speech
Is Blood Thicker Than God?
Can Anger Ever Be “Good”? Some Thoughts
Joy, Hope, And A Sense of Future — Where Did It Go In Our Troubling World?
Chaos To Divine New Order
Why the Serial Killings in our Schools
Destiny and Actualization
International Women’s Day Event at the Sea of Glass
Degrees of Destiny
What Is Reality? Seeing In Part - The Psychic Circles and Higher Consciousness.
The Cost of Being an Activist
Religious Freedom Challenged
The Decoys Of Caligastia To Keep People Away From
 The Fifth Epochal Revelation
The Consciousness Of Sustainability And Growing Organic Food.
Digging The Dirt Out Of Your Thinking Before You Plant One Seed In The Ground.
The Great Controversy Between A Connection 
To The Forces Of Light Or The Forces Of Darkness
Walking the Balance
Walking The Balance
It's OK, You Can Buy Now
True Leaders—Where Can You Find Them?  How Can You Identify The False Leaders?  Why Do We Need Leaders?
Is There Such A Thing As Safe Areas And Protected Areas? Are They The Same?
Correlations of World Consciousness and Weather Changes—The Adjudication of the Bright and Morning Star Versus Lucifer
(Beginning in 1911 and Upstepping in 1989)
Drowning In The “Mainstream”—Hearing Voices Of Hope In The Wilderness
To Achieve Cultural And Religious Unity In A One-World Government Outside Of The Control Of The 1%, A Global Spiritualution Is The Only Answer
The “Occupy Movement” Was Actually The Right Name, Because The “99%” Is A Misnomer. The Leftover Middle Class Are The Silent Apathy-ites.
The Invisible War

A Series of 3 Articles in Relationship to The Deterioration of The Earth and all its Systems—Climatic, Resources, Food, Economic, and Consciousness

by Gabriel of Urantia
The Occupy Movement Needs To Fuse With The Spiritualution Movement To Win Against The 1%
The Higher-Consciousness-Handicapped Presidential Nominees, Our Current Compromising-Consciousness President, And The Need For Both To Lean On Somebody Or Fall
Sustainability—What is it
Occupiers Must Learn How To Use The Creator To Win Over The Power-Elite And Their Soldiers Of Gas-Destruction
How Do You Choose To Occupy This World?
The Occupy Movement In Relationship To George Washington,The Colonists, And How They Won The Revolution
Pseudo Activism And University Students. The Great American Dream Is Over, But Many Millions Of Americans Still Hang On To False Hopes.  The 99% Are Beginning To Awaken To The Entrapment Of The False Powers. Is There An Answer To The Future?
The White Baby Boomers' and  X-Generation's Responsibility. (The Once Middle Class), The Cry of the Indigenous, And The 99% Movement
The Cost of Compromise and the Need for Change Agents
Defining a Spiritualution—a Spiritual Revolution—In Reference to the 99% Movement and Occupy Wall Street. What the People Must Do to Win Over the Power Elite.
Democracy:  What It Is and What It Isn't in America.
Defining Democracy from a Fourth-Dimensional Consciousness.
The Five Principles of Planetary Peace and Justice
The Truth and Answers About Free Healthcare
Radical Unity Into the New Millennium. Can You Be a Loner and a Radical Unifier?
Sustainable Living: How Do We Achieve It? Where Do We Begin?