Gabriel of Urantia

Water Preservation

"Every 15 seconds a child dies from lack of access to clean water." as stated in Utne Reader magazine, March/April 2007, p. 5 by Aveda Corporation

Through his publication The Alternative Voice, Gabriel of Urantia has addressed many water issues both locally and nationally, read about them here:

March/April 2003 - Water: Basis of Life or Commodity for Profit

May/June 2003 - Water: Fragile Global Eco-Systems Damaged by Unsustainable Growth

November/December 2003 - Running On Empty: The Value of a Natural River

January/February 2004 - Plundering Natural Resources; Water On Indian Lands; Part 1

March/April 2004 - Plundering Natural Resources From Indian Lands; Part 2

June/July 2004 - Salt River Project Wants Water from Verde Valley Wells for Phoenix: Who is Stealing Water from Whom?

June/July 2004 - SRP: What is it? Who does it serve

April/May 2006 - Snowbowl LLC Seeks to Make Fake Snow From Reclaimed Wastewater. Is Your Water Source Being Soiled For Greed