Gabriel of Urantia

Oak Creek : Red Rock Crossing

In the environmental arena, Gabriel of Urantia fought for 20 years against the building of a major bridge across Oak Creek at Red Rock Crossing in Northern Arizona. His stance is that no major bridge should be built at any spot across Oak Creek in Northern Arizona. The Red Rock Crossing site gives a direct center view of Cathedral Rock and attracts thousands of visitors. Because this site leads to prime real estate for developers, a major bridge would ruin the pristine, natural beauty of this area, due to increased traffic and unnecessary development.

Bella Terra Development in Northern Arizona

Gabriel worked very hard to reduce a major development on 54 acres adjoining Upper Red Rock Loop Road in Northern Arizona, from more than 225 homes to 109 homes. While BySynergy had refused to reduce the number of lots planned for their Oak Creek Bella Terra development to less than 109 on this small property, Gabriel continued to encourage them to be more ecologically-minded in the building project.

In 2009, thanks to the activist work of Global Community Communications Alliance, The Red Rock Rural Association, the Sierra Club, and other concerned activist neighbors, the Bella Terra property at 2202 Red Rock Loop Road went through foreclosure auction on Friday August 7, 2009, at 2:00 PM on the Prescott Court House steps. No one bid on the property and ownership went to the first position lien holder who says that they have no plans for development. The Bella Terra property was under contention for years concerning its high-density planned use and the potential contamination of Oak Creek and the shallow aquifers from which our community draws its drinking water. Also under contention was the destruction of wildlife habitat and the covering-up of wetlands along Oak Creek.

A Comment from the Environmental News and Commentary Website

"Your list of Green Religious Leaders is incomplete without Gabriel of Urantia, pastor of the Global Community Communications Alliance temple. This unique man has been an activist for over thirty years while helping countless people of all ages through his spiritual rehabilitation programs. In scenic Northern Arizona, where he currently lives, he has been instrumental in resisting over-development and in helping to preserve the natural resources of this national jewel. He publishes the Alternative Voice, a periodical that addresses a myriad of environmental issues and offers solutions to such pressing problems as the current state of the global and local water supply.
I heartily nominate him."

- by rosewood, Aug 03 2007

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Santa Cruz Valley of Southern Arizona

Under the direction of Gabriel of Urantia and Niánn Emerson Chase, Global Community Communications Alliance's human-rights ministers and community activists support the ecological health of the Santa Cruz River Valley, particularly Blue Evening Star (a champion for water issues), Human-Rights Minister Lah-May (Managing Editor of the Alternative Voice), Human-Rights Ministers Ah'Nuit and Miesen (Soulistic Hospice), Human-Rights Minister Centria (international relations & green building), Human-Rights Minister TiyiEndea (green building) and Human-Rights Minister/Attorney Celinas (immigration and family practice).