Gabriel of Urantia

Global Community Communications Alliance Supports Sixth Annual Celebrate the River Art Contest

Gabriel of Urantia has a long history of inspiring activism through arts. Global Community Communications Alliance is the co-sponsor of the sixth annual Celebrate the River Student Art Contest, to be held at the Americana Hotel in Nogales, AZ on Friday, May 13th 2016 from 6:30 - 8:30pm.

We have ten schools participating in the art contest this year. The Nogales School District Superintendents Office has worked to make this year's event a great success by helping Blue Evening Star (who is the main event coordinator) to make contacts with art teachers in local public schools. Presentations on the contest theme are being given in many classrooms to prepare students for the art contest. This year's theme is "The Return of the Gila Topminnow and Other Local Endangered Species".

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