Gabriel of Urantia

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Gabriel of Urantia's work has rocked the status quo in many realms of influence, he has come against much opposition and media misrepresentation from corporations and the power elite. His insistence on spiritual revolution and spiritual unity has not made him popular amongst established religious groups, and teachings on unity without uniformity have challenged the dogmatic and antiquated religious minds of the masses. Gabriel of Urantia has shown that he will not cease in his efforts to bring a higher truth to the world through what he has called "Radical Unity." He calls out to humanity to come together under the banner of equality and justice.

Gabriel of Urantia is bringing through the Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation (The Cosmic Family volumes)—the continuation of The URANTIA Book—of which Volumes I and II are published. His work helps synthesize the truths of many religions and their fallacies, as well as the truths in the New Age and their fallacies, with the latest revelatory information from Celestial Overcontrol to enhance those truths and bring to a confused world new truths to unite diverse religious viewpoints on reality, necessary to help bring about the first stage of light and life.